10000 Maniacs - Michael Penn unplugged

This is a VHS dub, so please excuse the quality. If anyone has a better version of the whole episode, please share. Until then, enjoy!! Natalie Merchant, lyricist/singer of the acclaimed New York folk-rock band 10,000 Maniacs, performs "What's The Matter Here?" and "Dustbowl." Solo artist Michael Penn performs "No Myth" and the upbeat "Brave New World" off his new release March. Merchant and Penn join together for a rendition of "City Of Angels," from the Maniacs' 1987 platinum release In My Tribe. Recorded 12/13/89 at National Video Center - NYC Set List: 01. What's the Matter Here? [Maniacs] 02. Dust Bowl [Merchant/Gustafson/Buck] 03. No Myth [Michael Penn] 04. Brave New World [Michael Penn] 05. Gun Shy [Maniacs] 06. City of Angels [Maniacs/Shear/choir]